About the session

What time of day works best?

The best time of day to take your portraits really depends on what you are looking for....

at the beach or in a wide open space.....

My favorite light to take these portraits in is just before, during and after sunset. Why you ask? Because the light is just magical! Also if we are shooting at the beach or in more of a crowded area, usually by this time the crowds have died down for a more relaxed setting.

Alternatively if it is cloudy.... Oh my gosh some of my favorite portrait sessions have been taken on a cloudy day. You get marvelous contrast in the sky, again magical! and it is actually the best even light to take portraits in.

A shady setting,

A more treed shady setting, such as a forest or shady backyard. This is another wonderful option. It allows more flexibility in scheduling because we are not working with the Sun's schedule. This also gives more flexibility as far as settings to make sure we have an even light (no sharp shadows on the face).

Whichever setting, or time of day you would like, we will work with the light and the surroundings to give us the best results.

Where should we take our pictures?

What would you like to see? A setting for your pictures can be anywhere from a nature settings such as a stream or forest to a beach or marina, gardens or even an urban or main street setting in your favorite town.

When choosing a setting think about what you want your portraits to look like. Chances are you will be framing these and hanging them on your walls for years to come. What would you like to see on your wall? Do you have a special place that holds sentiment to your family? Perhaps a favorite beach that you spend most of your time at during the summer. Or a favorite place to hike. Think about what kind of story you would like your pictures to tell.

I am based in Westbrook Connecticut. I have some favorite places I can recommend around the shoreline that make a beautiful backdrop for a portrait session. If you have a favorite spot in mind we can always head there too, even if it is your own back yard.

What's Included?

Each Session includes the time of the session when we capture the pictures. I like to allow approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 mins in the location that we decide upon.

After the session I like to allow up to three weeks for editing your collection, usually it takes about two weeks. I look through each image and edit it according to what I feel would enhance the image and bring it to it's best.

All of your edited pictures in a jpeg format delivered in a link. With the link you can download all the pictures to your own computer, I highly recommend transferring these images onto your own computer as well as a thumbdrive for safe keeping and future use.

With your complete image collection you can share or print wherever wish. If you need help finding a high quality printing service I am more than happy to recommend a few of my favorites.

If you have more questions or would like to schedule a session, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,